2.1. Starburst Enterprise Presto License

Starburst Enterprise Presto is free to download and use. There are additional enterprise features that require a license key to enable. Currently, these are:

  • Apache Ranger integration
  • Apache Sentry integration
  • BigQuery connector
  • IBM DB2 connector
  • Oracle Database connector
  • Security audit capability
  • Snowflake connector
  • Starburst secrets
  • Teradata connector
  • Hive MapR Connector
  • Autoscaling in K8s operator
  • Using large pods in K8s operator

To purchase a license or obtain a free trial, please contact us at hello@starburstdata.com.

After receiving a signed license file from Starburst, it needs to be stored on all Presto nodes in your clusters. A path to the signed license file needs to be added to etc/config.properties files: