Release 345-e LTS (11 Nov 2020)#

Starburst Enterprise Presto 345-e is the followup release to the 344-e STS release and the 338-e LTS release:

The 345-e release includes all improvements from the following Presto project releases:

This release is a long term support (LTS) release and contains all improvements from the Starburst Enterprise releases since 338-e LTS:

Highlights from included STS releases since 338-e#

Breaking changes in this release#

345-e.0 and 345-e.1 changes (11 Nov 2020)#

345-e.2 changes (16 Nov 2020)#

  • Improve failover to a new URI of the Hive Metastore Service

345-e.3 changes (XX Dec 2020)#


  • Prevent coordinator shutdown before worker shutdown

  • Ensure query failures are sent to the EventListener

  • Fix EXPLAIN ANALYZE for certain queries that contain broadcast join

  • Allow repeated logging of certain identical queries in event logger

  • In UI, fix invalid operator stats reporting in stage performance view


  • Allow using legacy Hive view translation logic for views containing CTEs by setting either hive.legacy-hive-view-translation configuration property or legacy-hive-view-translation to true

  • Add validation for bucketed query results in Hive connector

  • Add cache invalidation on CREATE TABLE events in Hive Metastore

  • Fix incorrect query results resulting from external data updates in Delta Lake connector

  • Fix SSL/SASL authentication support in Kafka connector