21.25. Release 320

General Changes

  • Fix incorrect parameter binding order for prepared statement execution when parameters appear inside a WITH clause. (#1191)
  • Fix planning failure for certain queries involving a mix of outer and cross joins. (#1589)
  • Improve performance of queries containing complex predicates. (#1515)
  • Avoid unnecessary evaluation of redundant filters. (#1516)
  • Improve performance of certain window functions when using bounded window frames (e.g., ROWS BETWEEN ... PRECEDING AND ... FOLLOWING). (#464)
  • Add Kinesis Connector. (#476)
  • Add geometry_from_hadoop_shape(). (#1593)
  • Add at_timezone(). (#1612)
  • Add with_timezone(). (#1612)

JDBC Driver Changes

  • Only report warnings on Statement, not ResultSet, as warnings are not associated with reads of the ResultSet. (#1640)

CLI Changes

  • Add multi-line editing and syntax highlighting. (#1380)

Hive Connector Changes

  • Add impersonation support for calls to the Hive metastore. This can be enabled using the hive.metastore.thrift.impersonation.enabled configuration property. (#43)
  • Add caching support for Glue metastore. (#1625)
  • Add separate configuration property hive.hdfs.socks-proxy for accessing HDFS via a SOCKS proxy. Previously, it was controlled with the hive.metastore.thrift.client.socks-proxy configuration property. (#1469)

MySQL Connector Changes

  • Add mysql.jdbc.use-information-schema configuration property to control whether the MySQL JDBC driver should use the MySQL information_schema to answer metadata queries. This may be helpful when diagnosing problems. (#1598)

PostgreSQL Connector Changes

  • Add support for reading PostgreSQL system tables, e.g., pg_catalog relations. The functionality is disabled by default and can be enabled using the postgresql.include-system-tables configuration property. (#1527)

Elasticsearch Connector Changes

  • Add support for VARBINARY, TIMESTAMP, TINYINT, SMALLINT, and REAL data types. (#1639)
  • Discover available tables and their schema dynamically. (#1639)
  • Add support for special _id, _score and _source columns. (#1639)
  • Add support for full text queries. (#1662)

SPI Changes

  • Introduce a builder for Identity and deprecate its public constructors. (#1624)