20.30. Release 303

General Changes

  • Fix incorrect padding for CHAR values containing Unicode supplementary characters. Previously, such values would be incorrectly padded with too few spaces. (#195)
  • Fix an issue where a union of a table with a VALUES statement would execute on a single node, which could lead to out of memory errors. (#207)
  • Fix /v1/info to report started status after all plugins have been registered and initialized. (#213)
  • Improve performance of window functions by avoiding unnecessary data exchanges over the network. (#177)
  • Choose the distribution type for semi joins based on cost when the join_distribution_type session property is set to AUTOMATIC. (#160)
  • Expand grouped execution support to window functions, making it possible to execute them with less peak memory usage. (#169)

Web UI Changes

  • Add additional details to and improve rendering of live plan. (#182)

CLI Changes

  • Add --progress option to show query progress in batch mode. (#34)

Hive Connector Changes

  • Fix query failure when reading Parquet data with no columns selected. This affects queries such as SELECT count(*). (#203)

Mongo Connector Changes

  • Fix failure for queries involving joins or aggregations on ObjectId type. (#215)

Base-JDBC Connector Library Changes

  • Allow customizing how query predicates are pushed down to the underlying database. (#109)
  • Allow customizing how values are written to the underlying database. (#109)

SPI Changes

  • Remove deprecated methods getSchemaName and getTableName from the SchemaTablePrefix class. These were replaced by the getSchema and getTable methods. (#89)
  • Remove deprecated variants of methods listTables and listViews from the ConnectorMetadata class. (#89)