3.3. Data Source Management


Data sources define the connection of Presto to the various external databases and other systems, that are queried by the Presto user. With Mission Control the creation and management of these data sources is available via a simple user interface.

The data source management is suitable to create, update, and delete these data sources. Any user can access the data source management by clicking on the Data Sources item in the left hand panel.

The data source management view displays a grid of all existing data sources.

Press the + symbol on the bottom right corner to add a new data source.

Clicking on a data source name, or using the Edit link in the actions drop down, allows you to edit the data source.

As a next step you can move on to create a cluster, in which the data source is used and available for Presto users to query against.

Data Source Properties

Data sources are defined by the following properties:


Defines the type of external data source to connect to. Type is closely related to the connector used to access the data in the external data source.


The name of the data source. A well chosen name is important, since it details the data source to the user in Presto. For example, your data source is configured to access a specific database on a specific PostgreSQL server instance. Choosing a name postgresql is therefore not really sufficient. It can be more useful for your users to choose a name of postgresql-customerdb. Potentially, if your users do not really have to know anything about the underlying database, it can also be appropriate to just use a name such as customerdb.


The description allows you to compose a short paragraph that provides more details about the data source than the name alone.

Configuration properties:

After choosing the data source type the most important, required properties are displayed. These include properties required by Presto connector as well as properties that enable connection to the specified data source, such as access keys.

Custom properties:

The custom properties fields are used to provide additional configuration for the data source and connector. The supported properties differ for each connector and are identical to the properties used in the data source configuration file, documented with the connector and typically located in etc/catalog. Custom properties can be added by clicking on the Add custom property button and providing the property’s name and value. Find out more about what connector is used for a specific data source from the next section.

Data Source Types and Connectors

Data source types define the connector Presto uses for the specific data source. The connector in turn, defines the configuration properties to use.

Refer to the following table to determine what connector configuration properties are used for a specific data source type:

Type Connector
Hive with internal metastore Hive Connector
Hive Hive Connector
Glue AWS Glue Support
Azure Blob Storage Querying Azure Storage
Azure Data Lake Storage (Gen1) Querying Azure Storage
Azure Data Lake Storage (Gen2) Querying Azure Storage
Google Cloud Storage Hive Connector
MongoDB MongoDB Connector
MySQL MySQL Connector
Oracle Oracle Connector
PostgreSQL PostgreSQL Connector
SQL Server SQL Server Connector
TPC-H TPCH Connector
Teradata Teradata Connector
Teradata Parallel Direct Teradata Parallel Direct Connector