Helm chart release notes#

Each SEP release is accompanied a new release of the supported Helm charts. Details of the changes on each chart can be found in the following release note sections.

346.0.0 (16 Nov 2020)#

  • Update to SEP 346-e

338.4.0 (16 Nov 2020)#

  • Update to SEP 338-e.4

345.2.0 (16 Nov 2020)#

  • Update to SEP 345-e.2

  • Fix bug with overriding env variables in the Presto charts when the key name matches

345.1.0 (12 Nov 2020)#

  • Update to SEP 345-e.1

  • Support graceful shutdown for workers

  • Change the launcher script used by the Presto initFile to be /usr/lib/presto/bin/run-presto

  • Fix Presto charts permission issue with Openshift clusters

  • Support for pod priority in Presto

  • Fix secretRef usage in envFrom when externalSecret is enabled

  • Add ability to configure securityContext for Presto pods

  • Add ability to configure securityContext and serviceAccount for Ranger pods

  • Add support for additionalVolumes in HMS chart

  • Fix enabling usersync in Ranger charts

344.0.2 (29 Oct 2020)#

  • Add support for Secret reference in catalog configuration

  • Support for TLS for Ranger database access

  • Fix HMS charts permission issue with Openshift clusters

  • Add additional env variable section for HMS internal database

338.3.0 (16 Oct 2020)#

  • Update to SEP 338-e.3

344.0.1 (16 Oct 2020)#

  • Update to SEP 344-e

343.0.2 (16 Oct 2020)#

  • Remove incorrect default values for Presto’s log.properties file

  • Fix GCS credential key to be a secret in HMS

  • Fix classpath issue with GCS access in HMS

  • Add automatic External Secret mounting capability

  • Remove unused presto-admin service account

343.0.1 (30 Sep 2020)#

  • Upgrade Ranger to 2.0.34

343.0.0 (29 Sep 2020)#

  • Update to SEP 343-e

338.2.1 (29 Sep 2020)#

  • Add subpath support for Presto additionalVolumes

  • Change Presto initFile parameter to inline string in values.yaml

  • Allow creating custom files in Presto’s etc folder

  • Remove Presto option in values.yaml for query.maxMemoryForCluster

  • Fix bug in Hive metastore with querying Azure datasources

  • Add option in Hive metastore to allow service principal based auth in ADLS gen2

328.2.0 (22 Sep 2020)#

  • Numerous breaking changes for values.yaml configuration and default values

  • Add LDAP authentications support

  • Added k8s secrets support for binary files

  • Add init container usage

  • Add Prometheus by default

  • Cleaner configuration for jvm.config, log.properties, node.properties and config.properties

  • Remove Ranger configuration in starburst-presto

  • Renamed additionalCatalogs to catalogs

  • Update to SEP 338-e.2

338.0.0 (10 Sep 2020)#

  • Initial public release of charts for SEP 338