9.8. MapR Hive metastore#

The Starburst Hive connector includes support for a MapR-based Hive metastore.


  • Edit your catalog properties file using the Hive connector
  • Set the metastore to use mapr
  • Configure the URI to point to your Hive metastore Thrift service

Configuration properties specific to Hive MapR are documented in the following table. For all other configuration, refer to the hive configuration properties.

MapR-specific configuration properties#
Property name Description Default
hive.metastore Type of the Hive metastore service. Value must be set to mapr to activate MapR support. thrift
hive.metastore.mapr.authentication.enabled Enable the MapR authentication to access the metastore true
hive.maprfs.config.resources Optional comma-separated list of MapR HDFS configuration files. These XML files must be present on all Presto cluster nodes. MapR-specific equivalent to hive.config.resources.