4.4. Accessing the Presto Cluster

Starburst Presto Application View

From the HDInsight Settings, click Applications which will show the view with Presto listed as an installed application.


Clicking on the Portal link will open the Presto Web UI. Clicking on the row will display the Applications Properties view.


The view provides information such as the Name, Status, Webpage URLs, SSH Endpoint, and Description. There is a limitation in the HDInsight platform that does not allow Starburst to name the Webpages more descriptive. The first link will also open the same Presto Web UI as with the previous. The second link will open Superset.

Accessing the Presto Web UI

The Presto Web UI is running on the Azure HDInsight edge node at the URL:


Replace “cluster-name” with the actual name of your cluster.

This will open a login for the username and password. You must enter the username and password of the HDInsight Cluster.

../_images/access_signin.png ../_images/access_presto_ui.png

Connect to the Presto Edge Node via SSH

1. Copy the SSH endpoint.

The SSH endpoint is listed in the Application Properties view.


2. Open a Terminal Window

Open a terminal window to begin a command line.

3. Establish a Connection

To establish a connection to the master node, issue a command in your terminal. Using the example below, replace starburstpresto with the name of your HDInsight cluster. If you chose a different SSH user than the default, then use that username instead.

Reference the following example:

ssh sshuser@Presto.starburstpresto-ssh.azurehdinsight.net

4. Close

When you have finished working with your Presto cluster, type the exit command to close the SSH connection.