5.1. Getting Started: A Quick Guide to Presto on AWS

Follow along with the below sections to quickly and easily navigate Presto on AWS.

Prerequisites & Overview

To familiarize yourself with specific elements of the AWS resources leveraged by Starburst, among components comprising the Presto Cloud architecture, reference the Prerequisites and Overview of Presto on AWS sections of the documentation.


With Presto on AWS, deployment is made simple. Follow along with our step by step walkthrough sections – Deploying Presto – for guidance on launching a single compute instance via the Presto AMI or Presto cluster via our Starburst CloudFormation template. For your convenience, instructions are provided for both the AWS Console and CLI.

Out of the box, Presto is configured for optimal performance for your chosen instance type, so you need not worry about configuration details. However, if you desire to fine-tune Presto behavior, please see our dedicated Configuring Presto section.

Access & Query

Once your Presto cluster has been created, it’s time to connect and query. Our Accessing the Presto Cluster section guides you through the process of connecting to your cluster via SSH, and our Querying Presto section provides quick steps on how to begin querying your Big Data in the CLI.

Launch Superset

Apache Superset is automatically launched and configured to query from Presto, and we give you the step by step guide to navigating the BI platform – Using Apache Superset. With the click of a button, you are one step closer to valuable insights for your business; it has never been easier to run ad-hoc queries, create tables, draft visualizations, and share them across your organization.

For information on more advanced features and further detail on the above topics, please refer to the below sections of our documentation.