Command Line Interface#

The Presto CLI provides a terminal-based, interactive shell for running queries. The CLI is a self-executing JAR file, which means it acts like a normal UNIX executable.


The CLI requires a Java virtual machine available on the path. It can be used with Java version 8 and higher.


Download presto-cli-340-executable.jar, rename it to presto, make it executable with chmod +x, then run it:

./presto --server localhost:8080 --catalog hive --schema default

Run the CLI with the --help option to see the available options.


You can override your username with the --user option. It defaults to your operating system username. If your Presto server requires password authentication, use the --password option to have the CLI prompt for a password. You can set the PRESTO_PASSWORD environment variable with the password value to avoid the prompt.

Use --help to see information about specifying the keystore, truststore, and other authentication details as required. If using Kerberos, see CLI Kerberos Authentication.


By default, the results of queries are paginated using the less program which is configured with a carefully selected set of options. This behavior can be overridden by setting the environment variable PRESTO_PAGER to the name of a different program such as more or pspg, or it can be set to an empty value to completely disable pagination.