18.1. Release 302-e

General Changes

  • Add Generic JDBC connector.
  • Disable Airlift’s “admin” servlet port, which was not used for anything in Presto.
  • Enable Cost-Based Optimizer (CBO) by default.
  • Add JDBC-based Google BigQuery connector.
  • Fix /v1/info to report started status after all plugins have been registered and initialized.
  • Support prepared statements that are longer than 4K bytes.
  • Add CloudWatch Agent compatible logger.
  • Correctly report internal network/physical position count for operators.
  • Sum internal network/physical data size and position count from all stages in query statistics.
  • Report internal network/physical data size and position count in detailed query UI view.
  • Fix broken timeline UI view.
  • Add experimental support for Spill to Disk for OrderBy.
  • Add experimental support for Spill to Disk for WindowOperator.
  • Add Oracle compatibility functions
  • Display join enumeration stats in explain analyze.

MongoDB Connector

  • Fix queries involving joins or aggregations on ObjectId type.

Hive Connector Changes

  • Add support for user impersonation when communicating with Hive Metastore.
  • Support tables located in HDFS encryption zones managed with Hadoop KMS.
  • Support Avro tables with avro.schema.url in kerberized HDFS.
  • Fix query failure when querying partitioned Avro table with very long column type definition.
  • Support CSV table storage format.
  • Allow partitions without files for bucketed tables (via hive.empty-bucketed-partitions.enabled).
  • Allow multiple files per bucket for bucketed tables (via hive.multi-file-bucketing.enabled). There must be one or more files per bucket. File names must match the Hive naming convention.
  • Allow reading incompletely bucketed tables with missing files (via hive.empty-bucketed-partitions.enabled).
  • Add support for Azure Blob Storage
  • Add support for Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS)
  • Add support for Azure Data Lake Storage gen 2 (ABFS)
  • Add textfile_field_separator and textfile_field_separator_escape table properties to control field separator and field separator characters for tables with TEXTFILE format.
  • Support Apache Ranger authorization (requires licence).
  • Support Apache Sentry authorization (requires licence).
  • Add Glue support for private subnets.
  • Add support for column statistics in Glue.
  • Fix S3 eventual consistency errors for non ORC file formats.

MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redshift, and SQL Server Changes

  • Support schemas, tables and columns with names that are upper-case or mixed-case.
  • Add predicate pushdown for DECIMAL values.

Base-JDBC Connector Library Changes

  • Allow customizing how query predicates are pushed down to the underlying database.
  • Allow customizing how values are written to the underlying database.

Security Changes

  • Add ldap.bind-dn and ldap.bind-password LDAP properties to allow LDAP authentication access LDAP server using service account.
  • Retry Kerberos communication in case of transient network issues.